Intendo riunire sotto il titolo SOUND IN BECKETT tutti i riferimenti testuali al ‘suono’ presenti nell’opera poetica di Beckett.

La lettura risulterà più chiara se accompagnata dai clomid testi completi. Ogni aiuto sarà levitra originale gradito.

I will try to collect under the title SOUND IN BECKETT the lyrical fragments of Beckett concerning the ‘sound’. The reading will turn out clearer, if it is accompanied by the complete texts. Thanks for every kind of aid.

J’essayerai à réunir sous le titre SUOND IN BECKETT les passages poétiques de Beckett concernantes le ‘son’. La lecture résultera plus claire si elle sera accompagnée des textes complets. Touts les secours seront agrées.


Galileo how are you

and his consecutive thirds!

A wind of evil flung my despair of ease

against the sharp of the one


They canadian pharmacy online don’t know what the master of them that do did,

that the nose is touched by the kiss of all foul and sweet air,

and the drums, and …


HOME OLGA (1934)

E for the erythrite of love and silence and the sweet noo style

swoops and loops of love and silence in the eye of the sun



Enueg I

and lapse down blankly under the scream of the hoarding

Then for miles only wind

and the weals creeping alongside on the water

and the world opening up to the south

across a travesty of champaign to the mountains

and the stillborn evening turning a filthy green

manuring the night fungus

and the mind annulled

wrecked in wind.


Enueg II

the old heart the old heart

breaking outside congress

the overtone the face too

late to minoxidil con propecia brighten the sky



before morning you shall be here

and Dante and the Logos and all the strata and mysteries

and the branded moon

beyond the white plane of music

that you shall establish here before morning

grave suave singing silk

stoop to the black firmament of areca

rain on the bamboos flower of smoke alley of willows



I null she royal hulk

hasten to the violet lamp to the thin K’in music of the bawd.

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… till the plagal east

shall resolve the long night phrase.

Schopenhauer is dead, the bawd

puts her lute away.


Sanies II

I desappear don’t you know into the local

the mackerel are at billiards there they are crying the scores

I break down quite in a titter of despite


uppon the saloon a terrible hush


Serena I

… the phlox

crackles under the thunder

then in the gray hold of the ambulance

throbbing on the brink ebb of sighs


Serena II

snarl and howl in the wood wake all the birds

hound the harlots out of the ferns

this damfool twilight threshing in the brake

breanting to be bloodied

this crapulent hush

tear its heart out

straining now this Sabbath evening of garlands

with a yo-heave-ho of able-bodied swans

the whales in Blacksod Bay are dancing

all these phantoms shuddering out of focus

it is useless to close

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the eyes

all the chords of the earth broken like a woman pianist’s

so say your prayers now and go to bed

your prayers before the lamps start to sing behind the larches

here at these knees of stone

then to bye-bye on the bones



Malacoda for all the expert awe

that felts his perineum mutes his signal

sighing up through the haevy air

must it be


Echo’s Bones

their muffled revels

… breaking without fear or favour wind



why not merely the despaired of

occasion of


the churn of stale words in the heart again

love love love thud of the old plunger


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pestling the unalterable

whey of words


SONG (1962 – 1987)

Age is when to a man

Huddled o’er the ingle

Shivering for the hag

To put the pan in the bed

And bring the toddy

She cames in the ashes

Who loved could not be won

Or won not loved

Or some other trouble

Comes in the ashes

Like in that old light

The face in the ashes

That old starlight

On the earth again




S. Beckett Le poesie (a cura di G. Frasca) Einaudi, Torino 1999

[da qui son prese le traduzioni in italiano]. di Federico Platania

Sui rapporti tra suono e letteratura beckettiana: Margherita Melara, Coruscafé, del 26 III 2012, in .

[ l’elenco prosegue, come work in progress, in: Sound_in_Beckett_2 ]