This notice invites music composers to approach, rediscover and commemorate the figure, thesensitiveness and the musical activity of Maestro GINO CONTILLI (Rome 1907, Genoa 1978), contributing in this way also toa spontaneous and vital reconsideration of his work of composer. The promoters of this competition intend to share with all the musicians (not only the Italian ones) this reconsideration, improving itwith their own commitment, study and genuine devotion.

The artistic salon Les salonnieres in Genoa, Via dei Giustiniani 24 int 2B, and the musical research websiteSuonoSonda[]hold this call concerning female voice and piano pieces. A building site is specifically dedicated to the personality and the work of Maestro GINO CONTILLI by SuonoSonda.

This call will be chaired, organized and patronized by:

Giacomo Manzoni, composer, germanist and musicologist, international historical figure, disciple of Maestro Gino Contilli.



Famiglia Contilli.

Associazione culturale La casa della musica e delle arti – Giuseppeand Rosa Uccello.

Antonio Schilirò music historian.

Maurizio Arena – historical conductor. 

Alba Crea – music historian.

Raffaele Cecconi – composer.

Riccardo Ceni – Director of the Parma Conservatory Arrigo Boito.

Marco Guidarini conductor.

Nicola Costa – president of GOG, Orchestra Giovanile Genovese.

Famiglia Cerofolini.

Cristina Frosini – director of the Milan Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi.

Giovanni Gioanola – musicologist and essayist, director of the Alessandria

Conservatory Antonio Vivaldi.

Carla Magnan – composer, co-directorof SuonoSonda.

Claudio Proietti musicianformer director of the Genoa Conservatory Nicolò Paganini.

Gabriella Ravazzi – soprano, historical interpreter. 

Federico Rovini concert performer, director of the La Spezia Conservatory Giacomo Puccini

Giovanna Savino – artistic director of Associazione Musicamica.

Guido Salvetti musicologist and essayistformer director of theMilanConservatory Giuseppe Verdi.

José Scanu conductor of Camerata Musicale Ligure. 

Roberto Tagliamacco  composer and director of Genoa Conservatory Nicolò Paganini.

Patrizia Conti – ethnomusicologistmusic historian,former director of  the Genoa

Conservatory Nicolò Paganini.

Roberto Iovino essayist and musicologist, president of AssociazioneAmici di Paganini

former director of the Genoa Conservatory Nicolò Paganini.

Carmen Vilalta – soprano, historical interpreter, president and director of Associazione

Culturale Pasquale Anfossi.

Federico Zandonà  composer and director of the Verona Conservatory Evaristo

Felice Dall’Abaco.

Marco Zuccarini conductor and director of the Turin Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi.

Francesco Lambertini conductor of Polyphoniae Studium.

Alice Quario Rondo conductor of Coro degli Angeli.

Matteo Bariani conductor of Orchestra di fiati Filarmonica sestrese 1845. 

Luciano Cavalli conductor of Kairos Viola Ensemble.

Walter Casali – director ofthe Piacenza Conservatory Giuseppe Nicolini

Quartetto Contilli  Fabrizio Leopardi, Rachele Checcucci (vl), Ruben Franceschi (vla),

Anastasia D’Amico (cello).

Quartetto di Cremona – Cristiano Gualco, Paolo Andreoli (vl), Simone Gramaglia (vla), Giovanni Scaglione, (cello). 

Moderni Quartet – Eleonora De Lapi, Giulia Magnanego, Silvia Manfredi (clarinets), Giorgia

Mammi (basscl.). 

Low Bb basoon cluster – Alessio Pisani, Massimo Ferretti, Giorgio Mandolesi,

Maurizio Barigione.

Quartetto ’Paganini Sivori’ Eliano Calamaro (vl), Deborah Tedeschi (vla), Alberto Pisani

(cello), Silvia Groppo (chit.).

Paganini Ensemble string orchestra, conductor Eliano Calamaro, by Liguria Eventi 

of Carla Casanova.




Massimiliano Damerini (president) – composer and internationally prestigious concert performer.

Riccardo Dapelo composer and teacher.

Francesco Denini musicologist, co-directorof SuonoSonda. 

Marco Ercolani – writer, poet, psychiatrist.

Within this exhiibition will be also awarded the mention MARTHA DEL VECCHIO, assigned by her disciple Nicola Costa. He will hand over to the mention winner a portrait of Robert Shumann, painted by Carlotta Cecconi.

Daniela Uccello, teacher of the Milan ConservatoryGiuseppe Verdi, treats all musical

interpretations of the pieces, selected in order of thefollowing regulation.


ART. 1

This call is addressed to compositions for female voice and piano. The invitation is extended to Italian and foreign musicians, no age limits. It is preferable to put in music poems of poets chosen by Maestro Gino Contilli: Buonarroti, Calogero, Quiney, Verlaine, Leopardi, Quasimodo.

ART. 2

The selected compositionswill be interpreted and recorded. Afterwardsthey will be supportedwith different ways of public listening (on Youtube,Vimeo etc.) and other possible initiatives will be notified to the autors. SuonoSonda will interview autors and performers of the selected pieces and these interviews will go on national and international radio, sound Archives and Libraries. 

ART. 3

Only original compositions, never performed in public, will be allowed.

ART. 4

It is possible to partecipate with more compositions; the duration must notovercome 7 minutes.

ART. 5

Deadline for submitting entries: 30 January 2023.

Annuncement of the winners: 29 February 2023.

The compositions must be send to

ART. 6

Participation is free.

ART. 7

The following documentation is required:

1) first name and surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address (if there is), place and date of birth, citizenship.

2) artistic curriculum and studies.

3) a recent photograph of the composer in digital format.

4) a photocopy of an identity document of the composer.

5) Author’s declaration certifying that the composition is unpublished, has never been performed in public, has never been awarded in other competitions or reviews and cannot be sentto other competitions until the complete accompishmentof this one.

6) Declaration of consent and gratuity to the eventual audio and video recording of the show, to the archiving of the material and any other modality that the review intends to express.

7) Declaration of consent to the processing of the participant’s personal data in competition.

8) the registration form for the requests listed above is attached below.

ART. 8 

Choises of the Jury are unappealable.

ART. 9

The applicationform and the presentation of works involve that the autors must accept the rules given here.

ART. 10

You can find more information in the For contacts send an email to

ART. 11

The reference text for any questions is the one in Italian language.



I, the undersigned, …. …., born in … the …, ask to partecipate in the International Music

Competition ‘Gino Contilli’ 2020.  

Sign Day: