On this page I collect pieces and notes though which I have confronted and continue to confront musical composition. This is to all intents and purposes a spiritual laboratory in continuous activity, accompanied by memories, projects and notes. Words and titles in bold refer to links – present or in preparation – concerning scores, texts, photos, audio-video and insights of various kinds. I have gathered here to list of my compositions, which I also intend in some way as part of the broader SuonoSonda project, which I directed in collaboration with the composer CARLA MAGNAN.

My education trusts in research beyond natural limits, in techniques, in the criticism of techniques, in deep excavation, in revision, in critical and analytical thinking, in the energy of calculation and writing for the construction of a subjectivity as formed as possible, in the intimate passion that feeds this energy and in the possibility of mediation between all these aspects.

Mediation between the parts, artisanal attention, historical awareness of models, structures and means, dialectical ability to probe different horizons between expressive pluralities and creative propulsion, between presences and latencies, between lights an shadows are part of a method I adhere to every day.

For the rest, I consider socialization, communication, productivity, the material subsistence of those who practice them and the same intersubjective dignity  of what is produced as components that are as important as they are substitutes and tend to be subject, over time, to frequent shifts of perspective.

And yet every composition that I propose here, completed or not, and whether it is a symptom or a cure, retains traces of beautiful encounters. Of course it is not a value judgement, but to partecipate in things that have happened, in visions experienced, in human events and paths traveled more voluntarily and carefully, and to which i am deeply grateful.

To date, a book of poems entitled Suono (2022) is a finished work. My thesis in philosophy La concezione del tempo nella musica contemporanea (The concept of time in contemporary music) (2016), promoted with full marks, is undergoing further updating. Certainly sound and time have always been my main areas of thought and creation overall.

Compositions that have come to be independent of me due to maturation and due to having had in some cases excellent interpretation and acceptable recordings are Solo ‘Ecloga’ for clarinet in B flat (1997), Strappi and Argo Navis from the collection Corridoi Teatrali for violin and electronic sounds (1996), Novilunio di membra for female voice, clarinet, violin and percussion (1992), My Life before Dawn for voice and jazz orchestra (1998) (see below) and if I manage to save the recordings VHS, Song of songless for voice and piano (1980). Not even these compositions do I exclude the possibility of improving their technical audibility, but I don’t intend to seek further performances on my own initiative.

I also collect here, giving an initial reorganization of my findings, a draft of writings on music, with the provisional title of Correzioni, revisioni, mediazioni (1976-2023).